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Image by Mishaal Zahed

Brooklyn Brownstones

a metaphor for a gentrified city


What started as a cheap substitute for marble and other expensive materials is now an expensive material in itself as restorations can cost around 700,000 dollars.  

Brought to you through exploitation.


Screen Captures From Video

The Final Video

Through the use of augmented reality, you can walk through the brownstones of Brooklyn and see all of the problematic past, present, and future!

The high steps of the brownstones were created to elevate the building from the ground, that would covered in animal feces. Funny how to solve a problem, the designer's solution was to just literally rise above it and ignore the issue at hand. Remind you of anything else?

The brownstones first came to fashion as a response to the industrial revolution. People wanted to stray away from the mechanical aesthetic and was inspired by romantic classism and wanted to become closer with nature. The naturalness of the brownstones is really just a facade of an organic design. 

Gentrification in Brooklyn is a huge topic. Just within the past years, housing costs have increased drastically. Nothing is a better physical embodiment than the brownstone buildings. Created on the backbones of immigrants and through coats and coats of fresh paint, the marketing of this buildings brings the rich and famous into Brooklyn, eventually driving out the people these brownstones were originally made for. 

Ironically, nature deteriorates throughout time but cities don't. At least people try their hardest to make sure it doesn't. By using such fragile materials, the city is creating an unsustainable future. But hey, anything for the aesthetics when you're rich right?


Experience this virtual experience yourself with aero. 

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